Evaluating The Workplace Impact of EAP Services

A study recently released by Chestnut Global Partners Division of Commercial Science showed significant improvements across several measures of workplace productivity among employees accessing employee assistance programs (EAPs).  Continuum EAP was a part of an initial group of EAP’s national wide that asked their clients to complete the Workplace Outcomes Suite in cooperation with Chestnut Global Partners.  Please take a moment to review our result.

An Outcome Evaluation of Continuum Employee Assistance Program

Historically, the Employee Assistance field has measured the effectiveness of services by reporting on basic metrics, such as employee utilization. While allowing employers to capitalize on a “feel good” element by providing a benefit employees appreciate, the metrics have not fully illustrated the positive impact of offering an EAP.

In 2009, Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) created the Work-place Outcome Suite (WOS) to help our customers better evaluate whether EAP intervention had an impact on workplace performance. This valid and scientific measurement tool is now utilized by more than 400 EAPs worldwide and was recently published in the peer-reviewed publication Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health, Vol. 25, 2010 and Journal of Health and Productivity, Vol. 6, 2012. This instrument has been endorsed as a best practice for measuring and evaluating work related outcomes by the International Employee Assistance Professional Association.

The WOS is designed to measure change in the (5) following areas, which relate directly to an employee’s work performance:

  • Absenteeism  (measured by looking at the
    number of hours within the last 30 days an
    employee has spent away from the
    workplace due to presenting personal or
    behavioral health related concern.)
  • Presenteeism (a productivity measurement
    used to evaluate how distracted an employee
    is at work due to a presenting concern.)
  • Work Engagement (focuses on how involved or
    “stimulated” an employee is by her/his job.)
  • Work Distress (concentrates on whether an
    employee is “anxious or dreads going to work.”)
  • Life Satisfaction (a general measurement of
    personal well-being and quality of life. 

Our Customers Say it Best

  • MacPractice, Inc
    MacPractice, Inc

    "The support and assistance Continuum provides to our employees, their families, and to our company is invaluable. We are proud to partner with them in providing our staff with such a tremendous resource."
    - Loretta Young, Director of Human Resources, MacPractice, Inc.

  • Hexagon Lincoln
    Hexagon Lincoln

    “Hexagon views Continuum EAP as a key business partner and a valued resource for our employee populace. Continuum provides high-quality — and confidential — educational and counseling services for “Team Hexagon.” The professional staff is always available and willing to help at a moment’s notice.”
    - Matt Becker, Human Resources Manager, Hexagon Lincoln

  • NebraskaLand National Bank
    NebraskaLand National Bank

    “Continuum has been such a great benefit for NebraskaLand National Bank. Once a month we offer employees a “Lunch ‘N Learn” where we feature a Continuum HelpNet webinar and provide lunch. We have received great feedback from employees and attendance continues to increase each month.”
    - Stacey Dawkins, Human Resources, NebraskaLand National Bank

  • Lincoln Electric System
    Lincoln Electric System

    “Continuum remains proactive in offering monthly workshops that address what organizations are currently experiencing in today’s work environment. They are also a great resource when wanting to bring customized training onsite to address topics relevant to the larger employee population. The Continuum staff has been professional, helpful, cooperative and effective.”
    - Anita Schinstock, Learning & Development, Lincoln Electric System

  • Duncan Aviation

    "We look to Continuum as a strategic partner, in helping our employees cope with stress at work and at home, which leads to improved work performance, decreased absenteeism, and greater workforce retention."
    - Leon Holloway, Team Member Services Manager, Duncan Aviation

  • Union Bank and Trust
    Union Bank and Trust

    "Continuum EAP's dedication to providing a vast array of personalized services to our employees and their family members is invaluable. Their response time, individualized attention, and thoroughness to make our employee's personal and professional health and well-being a top priority is superior."
    - Chad Thies, Vice President, Union Bank & Trust

  • Assurity Life Insurance
    Assurity Life Insurance

    "Continuum is part of Assurity's high performance culture. Trust has been created for associates who use their services for personal life issues but also for work issues whether they refer themselves or a supervisor refers them. Continuum's expertise demonstrated by all staff aligns to our mission and values and helps associates understand there are resources available for them and their families. The value the Assurity Team receives from Continuum is a measure of performance and risk management. I have worked with them for over 20 years and would choose them over the other two employee assistance programs that I have worked with."
    - Jan Zoucha, Assurity Life Insurance

  • NE State College System
    NE State College System

    "The Nebraska State College System has been very pleased with the services we've received from Continuum. Continuum's experience and expertise have served our employees and College administrators very well. Continuum is extremely responsive and skilled at coaching, consulting, and providing a variety of employee assistance services. In addition, our employee feedback from training sessions has been very positive."
    - Kristen Petersen, General Counsel & Vice Chancellor, NE State College System

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