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Training Calendar

Leadership Academy trainings are provided for supervisors and managers of Continuum member companies to enhance their leadership skills. The following sessions will be held as live webinar events.

Continuum EAP Leadership Academy 2024

  • The Attitude Check with Shannon Filing

  • The Leadership Paradigm: Shifting Your Perspective

  • Thinking Like a Business Leader

  • April 2024

    Special 50th Anniversary Presentation

  • May 2024

    Career Shock: The Underreported Factor in Why Employees Leave

  • June 2024

    Let's Talk About It: How to Have Difficult Conversations

  • August 2024

    Employee Engagement

  • September 2024

    Psychological Safety in the Workplace

  • October 2024

    Compassionate Leadership: Combining Empathy, Passion and Purpose

  • November 2024

    Using Feedback for Performance Success

Announcements with registration information will be posted approximately three weeks prior to the event.

HelpNet Webinar 2024 Calendar