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Organizational Consultation

Crisis Management/Trauma Response

Disruptive Event and Trauma Response

Disruptive events can quickly overwhelm your employees, and productivity can stall. Sometimes it’s an industrial accident or an unexpected employee death. Other times it’s a planned organizational shift. When an event occurs – we’ll be there for you. Our experienced consultants will partner with you to create an effective plan to support your organization’s unique needs. Our team is trained to help before, during, and after your disruptive event to reduce the psychological impact and accelerate the recovery process. Call us to discuss your needs.
Continuum EAP Consultants are experienced in advising organizations in all aspects of crisis response. Our services include:

  • Crisis Management Consultation & Policy Assistance
  • On-site Crisis Response
  • Critical Incident Management & Debriefing
  • Grief Counseling
  • Crisis & Grief Response Training for HR personnel and supervisors