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Provider FAQ

Continuum EAP Provider FAQ

Who can I call with any questions?

You may contact us at (800) 755-7636 or

What is the admission process for becoming a Continuum provider?

Prospective providers can contact Continuum at (800) 755-7636 or to request a provider application package. Providers complete the application and return it back to Continuum. Once Continuum receives the completed application, we will review the material. If you are identified as a candidate for our EAP Network, we will contact you.

What is expected of my role as an EAP Provider for Continuum?

As a Continuum contracted provider, we ask that you conduct a comprehensive assessment of the client(s) concerns keeping in mind the short term nature of EAP services. We ask that part of your assessment be to determine whether the client's presenting issue(s) can be effectively resolved within the number of authorized sessions or whether longer term counseling or more specialized services are necessary.

Why should a provider consider joining Continuum’s network?

Provider friendly paperwork — we understand your time is valuable so the paperwork we ask you to complete is minimal.

Collegial approach — we believe our providers are an invaluable extension of the services provided by Continuum EAP. We work with our providers in partnership to provide quality service.

How does the process work?

Continuum serves as the central point of contact for all of our EAP clients. We will always contact you prior to referring a client for services to see if you are able to accept a referral. Excellent customer service and quality responsiveness are hallmarks of Continuum's services so we ask that you offer appointments as soon as you feasibly can, ideally within a couple of days for the initial contact. With each referral we will provide you with the name and demographics of the client(s) being referred, information regarding the presenting issue, as well as the number of sessions that that are authorized for the case.

Does EAP counseling differ from typical private practice counseling?

Yes, your role as an EAP provider does differ somewhat from that generally found within a private practice setting. The primary distinction is that as an EAP counselor you need to frequently serve more in the capacity of assessor, advisor, advocate and facilitator of any needed referrals within the confines of a client’s session limitations. It is therefore necessary for you to provide timely clinical assessments, implement solution-oriented treatment plans and assist with resource linkage. The following components are considered core EAP responsibilities of an EAP provider:

ASSESSMENT: The varied nature of presenting problems that EAP clients may manifest with requires completion of a comprehensive assessment at the onset of services. This assessment must be largely completed in the initial session in order to maximize utilization of the EAP benefit.

BRIEF INTERVENTION: Based on the outcome of the assessment, rapid transition must be made toward implementation of a solution-oriented treatment plan. Interventions need to be carefully constructed to promote either primary mitigation of the client’s presenting issues within the session limits or supportive efforts to promote understanding and acceptance of a referral.

REFERRAL: In the event that the nature of severity of the client’s issues cannot be fully addressed within the limits of the EAP relationship, assistance with locating referrals, either through their health insurance or community resources, is essential. Communication of any relevant information to other professionals and confirmation of client linkage is also considered a vital component of the EAP.

Can I bill Continuum or the client for a no show?

No, EAP services are a benefit paid for by the client's employer; therefore the employee should not be billed under any circumstances. Continuum will pay you directly at your agreed upon fee for authorized counseling sessions. No shows are not covered.

How can I tell how many EAP sessions have been authorized?

With each referral, we provide you with the number of sessions that are authorized for the case. Additional sessions may be available in some instances, however, decisions about this are made on a case by case basis and we ask that you contact us to discuss.

What if the client needs additional sessions beyond their EAP benefit?

In the event that the client(s) issues cannot be fully addressed within the confines of the EAP relationship, we ask that you assist the client in locating an appropriate referral. Your assistance with the selection of the specific referral source is considered a crucial element of your role as an EAP provider. Therefore, we ask you play an active role in helping the client locate an appropriate referral based upon your knowledge of local treatment providers with the required clinical expertise and a reputation for providing quality services. We also ask that you consider a referral source with the client's mental health insurance coverage. Cost-effective options, such as community resources, may also be utilized based on clinical need, lack of coverage, financial situation, or client request.

Are EAP services kept confidential from the client's employer?

Yes. This is an important element of EAP services. Please assure clients that their relationship with the EAP is confidential. Unless they provide written authorization, their confidentiality will be protected to the full extent allowed by law and no information will be provided to anyone, including their employer. Only aggregate statistics are provided to member companies.

All Continuum providers are required to adhere to Federal and State regulations and laws that pertain to the maintenance of confidential information/records. Anyone who divulges or releases confidential information or records concerns any client without proper authorization in accordance with Continuum policies, state law, and local licensing/certification bodies, may be terminated from the provider network.

What should I do if an EAP client has a complaint?

Continuum is committed to ensuring a high level of quality care and customer service. If at any time a client has a concern or complaint, please direct them back to us. Upon receipt of a complaint, we will investigate the matter in question and work quickly to correct or resolve the problem.

Can I self-refer the clients after the initial sessions?

Yes, Continuum does allow self-referrals upon the completion of EAP authorized sessions keeping in mind the client's clinical needs, health insurance, and overall financial situation. We encourage our providers to offer Continuum EAP clients two additional options along with a self-referral option.

How do I get paid for EAP services provided?

At the time of referral, we will send you an Authorization of Services form. After meeting with a client(s), please complete this form. Information we need back from you in order to receive payment is:
• Session information including dates of sessions held and who attended
• Case Summary Notes for each session held
• Case Closing Information including date of closure and case disposition
• Signed Client Information Sheet
You may either fax or mail the completed Authorization of Services form to us.

What if an additional family member comes to the session who is not identified as being authorized for services?

The Authorization of Service form lists who is authorized to attend sessions. If additional family members attend a session, please contact us so we can obtain their client information for our records. We report back to our customers numbers of all individuals served along with the number of cases served.

I have a complicated case I am working with. Can you help?

We encourage you to call us to staff challenging cases. We have Certified Employee Assistance Professionals and Licensed Professional Counselors who are skilled at consulting with you on difficult matters and can suggest approaches to many situations. We are here to help!

My authorization has expired but my client is still requesting help. What do I do?

An end date is included with authorization you receive. When the authorization has expired, please have the client call us to get re-authorized for services. Once we have talked with them, we will send a new authorization to you.