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About Continuum


Continuum's History

In the early 1970’s a group of local business leaders in Lincoln, Nebraska recognized the need for workplaces to get involved in helping employees who had substance abuse problems. These leaders understood that addressing these problems had both humanistic and economic benefits for companies. With this impetus for their efforts, the Lincoln Council on Alcoholism and Drugs, Inc. (LCAD) applied for and received a grant to establish an employee assistance program. The result was the establishment of Lincoln EAP in 1974. Lincoln EAP services were intended to assist companies not only with employees who had substance abuse problems, but who also those who were struggling with many other personal problems that were interfering with their performance.

In 1982 the Lincoln EAP was self-incorporated as a non-profit organization, ending all grant funding and separating its previous organizational ties with LCAD. The Lincoln EAP, Inc. continued to grow and transitioned from a grant funded entity to a solid, financially secure business. As a part of the organization’s 25th anniversary, the name was changed from Lincoln EAP to Continuum Employee Assistance-Training-Consulting, to better reflect the broad variety of services offered and geographic locations served.

Today, Continuum EAP is a full-service Employee Assistance Program. We continue to serve many of our original Lincoln, Nebraska customers but we have expanded our services to workplaces throughout Nebraska and across the United States.