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Legal & Financial Services

Legal Services

Legal Services

Continuum’s legal services are administered by CLC Incorporated. Available services include:

  • Consultations with participating network attorneys and mediators
  • "Do It Yourself" Legal Forms Document Preparation
  • Legal Resources
Consultations with Network Attorneys and Mediators

Continuum EAP members are entitled to one (1) thirty-minute office or telephone consultation per separate legal matter at no cost with a network attorney or mediator. In the event that you wish to retain a participating attorney or mediator after the initial consultation, you will be provided with a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the attorney/mediator’s normal hourly rate. Virtually all types of legal matters are eligible for these services. Typical matters include divorce & child custody, contractual & consumer disputes, real estate & landlord tenant issues, car accidents, insurance disputes, etc. Employment-related issues and disputes are excluded.

Consider our legal consultation services for:

  • Civil/Consumer Issues

    Issues relating to retail transactions, warranty and other consumer products matters, issues relating to governmental entitlements and benefits, advice on small claims court and other general legal matters.

  • Personal/Family Legal Services

    Adoption and guardianship, custody and support matters, divorce, separation and annulment issues, name changes as well as other domestic or family law issues.

  • Estate Planning Resources

    Wills, revocable living trusts, charitable trusts, etc.

  • Real Estate Issues

    Assistance in the acquisition or sale of real property, lease and rental agreements, property boundary disputes and other matters surrounding personal real property.

  • Criminal Matters

    Defense of both misdemeanor as well as felony criminal acts of all kinds, including IRS matters.

  • Immigration and Naturalization Issues

    Green cards, U.S. citizenship, work and student visas, family based immigration, deportation and removal defense, INS and immigration court appeals, asylum and many immigration issues.

Please contact Continuum EAP at 402-476-0186 / 800-755-7636 or to take advantage of our members-only legal consultation services.